The Need To Prioritise Healthcare Insurance

Unlike years gone by when national healthcare insurance was more of a myth than actual fact, today there is increased certainty about the benefits of health insurance. Obamacare should be praised for it broke the barriers that had previously limited access to complete medical insurance. Besides the obvious reasons for being insured -physical and psychological peace of mind- insurance allows you to take full control of your life. Yes, accidents and sickness occur and are unavoidable. But with health care insurance you can minimise the consequences.

Affordable Care Act/Obamacare

Recently Donald Trump has been fighting tooth and nail to get Obamacare repealed. Given that it is a progressive and people centred one wonders why. Be that as it may, there hasn’t been a more appropriate time to get medical insurance than now. Obamacare has freed the health insurance paradigm of several inequalities and discriminatory practices:

* Previously people with existing terminal conditions like HIV or cancer were deemed high risk are were thereby turned away unless they could pay for a costly premium policies. But with Obamacare an insurer is obliged to insure you under a reasonably appropriate premium.

* Before it would be a nightmare to find out you had exceeded your insurance peg. In most instances you’d have to fork out extra from your own savings, especially if your situation required prolonged care. Now the limit on how much your insurer will pay is a thing of the past. Just stick to your payments and you’ll be covered.

* Nowadays there is increased access to certain health services, particularly preventive treatment. Not only that, it’s free as well! Yes, vaccines, screenings and even check-ups.

There is a general perception that health insurance is expensive. But that was ten years ago when the system was conservative and highly formalised. However, these days you’d be out of your mind not to have health care insurance.