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Use Google Trends To Move Your Customer Base From Local To National for Multiple Location

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national SEO for franchisesWhen it comes to marketing campaigns using search engine optimization, Google Trends is a research tool that provides amazing amounts of information. Unfortunately, most people are not getting much out of it, when they could take their company to the next level.

Local SEO strategies have already been mastered by many small businesses. However, ranking on a national level remains an unsolved mystery for most. However, the good news is that regional information is available on Google Trends and you can begin working on a series of local campaigns to move your company into the national spotlight. There is no reason to continually do the same thing over and over again, when the solution is already available.

Interest Level Over Time

Enter a search phrase you are interested in ranking for at Google Trends. Select a time frame that is suitable for your industry and check to see that your location is in the United States.

As my search phrase, I’ve used “responsive web design” in this example. The interest over time is shown in the graph above and illustrates the trend of the phrase. You can determine whether or not continuing to use the phrase is optimal in your case.

In order to drill down to local levels, the City View is available with just a toggle. You will discover you will find the places where there is a high level of interest in your targeted search phrase.

Google Trends lets you look at the top related phrases and keywords that are rising statistically. This section is located at the page bottom and is a great spot to get alternative suggestions if they keywords you are currently using are declining in interest.

Using This Information In A Nationwide SEO Campaign

The majority of small businesses begin by targeting traffic in the area they are located. However, you can get more out of your SEO campaigns by locating regions and populations that have high interest in the types of products and services you provide. A business increases its chances of succeeding by localizing efforts at link building and specifically targeting these areas using landing pages designed for that purpose.

You gain the opportunity to became an industry contender on a national basis by broadening your goals for SEO when you apply Google Trends to your campaigns for marketing on the Internet. It is no simple matter to gain an online presence on a national level, but you can quickly acquire incredible rankings on a national basis by taking advantage of Google Trends information and focusing your efforts based on that information.

Take a look at How to Use Google Trends for SEO by Chuck Price for a more in-depth and broader Google Trends review.

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