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Unlike other consultants, SEO Marketing Coaches offers tremendous insights without making businesses pay a small fortune or make a big commitment.

Agencies typically require a long-term contract before agreeing to share their knowledge and shape search engine optimization and online marketing strategies.

We’re different.

All of our clients start with an SEO plan – $595 to $995. Why pay for a more extensive consulting agreement before you know what online marketing direction makes the most sense for your business?

We’ve recruited veteran Internet marketing talent for our virtual network. In other words, you’re assured that a professional with at least 12 years of experience will evaluate your website and online marketing needs. They write extensively about online marketing, speak at regional and national conferences and hold certifications from Google and national training enterprises, including the SEMPO Institute, part of the Search Marketing Professional Organization.

Our SEO Navigator packages include:

Understanding your target market
Identifying benchmarks
Researching preliminary keywords
Creating a baseline ranking report
Analyzing your website (text, programming and outside factors like inbound links)
Providing Guidance on Calls to Action
Looking at your competitors
Reviewing your website analytics
Finding you solid links
Showing you precisely how to update your source code and content to improve your search engine traffic)
Reviewing our findings and recommending a course of action during conference calls (GoToMeeting)
Yes, We Provide Ongoing Support
SEO Marketing Coaches makes it easy for small businesses to continue with our team or return any time. Depending on their staffs or vendors, companies can make headway with our initial assistance. We can provide any number of additional services, including additional on-page optimization, link building, copywriting, programming, website design, etc. We won’t require a big commitment (additional consultations come with a 90-day Right-to-Cancel policy).


Starting off with an SEO plan has many advantages, including using your marketing dollars for the right campaigns. Here’s a brief look at the many benefits of working with SEO Marketing Coaches:

Fast – Our Plans are Ready in 14 Business Days
Most SEO firms will take several weeks to get the ball rolling. You deserve preliminary feedback much sooner.

Plenty of tools and wisdom ensure a detailed look at vital aspects a business, including the target market, website content, source code, competitors, inbound links and technical considerations. Other consultants may shortchange you; we’re into meaningful assessments.

Save Time
You could do this yourself. But it’s going to take time to gear up and learn the best practices and the tools. We’ll provide an evaluation, cut to the chase and recommend an affordable plan? Sound good?

Save Money
Spend less than $1,000 one time with no set up fees. Why commit to 6 months or a whole year before you know what situation you’re facing? We’re not saying more work may not be in order. But a staggered approach saves money up front and in the long run. We’ll help you define some priorities so you can confidently decide what’s the best use of your cash down the road. Ready to get started?

Get Up to Speed
If you just want an assessment, that’s fine with us. Let’s see what you don’t know and what you want to learn. Our experts have been doing this over 12 years – we know what works and doesn’t. Don’t stumble along roads we traveled long ago. We’re always building on our knowledge. We like to share.

Learn from the Pros
Whether you’re flying solo, have a team in house or work with an SEO firm, we’re hear to lend a helping hand and offer a fresh perspective. Our evaluations can quickly help your business see where it stands and what could be improved. We’re willing to tell you what we know without a long-term obligation.

Gain Your Competitive Edge
If you’re just getting started or your efforts have stalled, we can send you in the right direction to get your share of your market. Why waste time when solutions can be in hand quickly. Someone is getting the search traffic. What’s your next step? We’ll tell you.